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Formation of Companies

Formation of Private limited Companies

Formation of Public limited Companies

Formation of non-profit association, Sec.25 companies

Conversion of Proprietorship concern, Partnership firm into Private or Public limited Companies

Setting up of NBFC

Conversion of Private limited into Public Limited and vice versa

Conversion of LLP to Pvt Ltd or Ltd and vice versa

Company Incorporation

Process -

1) SPICe form INC 32

2) e-memorandum of association in form IN33

3) E Articles of association in form INC 34

The DSC of professional CA/CS is required to file Form INC-34

The professional must declare that all information presented in form is correct

We at BSA & Associates provide hassle free company incorporation experience to our clients under the guidance of CS Dipika Madam

LLP Formation

Following are advantages of LLP formation in India:

As against company there is no minimum capital requirement in LLP. An LLP can be formed with least possible capital.

An LLP requires a minimum 2 partners while there is no limit on the maximum number of partners ; this is in contrast to a private limited company wherein there is a restriction of not having more than 200 members.

The cost of registering LLP is low as compared to cost of incorporating a private limited or a public limited company. An illustration can show the approximate cost involved in formation of private limited company and an LLP.

Every year, there are about 8 to 10 regulatory formalities and compliances are required to be duly completed and submitted by a Private limited company whereas a Limited Liability Partnership is required to file only two, namely, the Annual Return & Statement of Accounts and Solvency.

In the case of a company, if the owners to withdraw profits from company, an additional tax liability in the form of DDT @ 15% (plus surcharge & education cess) is payable by company. However, no such tax is payable in the case of LLP and profits of a LLP can be easily withdrawn by the partners.

We at BSA & Associates provide all kinds of LLP related services right from incorporation up to compliance procedures to our clients.

Corporate Compliance

No matter what industry your organization is in, corporate compliance is an essential part of operations.

A corporate compliance program is generally defined as a formal program specifying an organization’s policies, procedures, and actions within a process to help prevent and detect violations of laws and regulations. It goes beyond a corporate code-of-conduct since it is an operational program, not simply a code of expected ethical behaviour.

We help our clients to comply with all the procedures like ROC filing and other requirements as per the Companies Act 2013.

Statutory Requirements

Indian companies are now governed by Companies Act 2013 and company has to comply with various statutory provisions as per different sections of Companies Act 2013. Services offered by us include:

- Compliance relating to the meetings of Board of Directors, Shareholders, debenture holders, Creditors etc.

- Filing of Annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and related legal documentation

- Maintenance of Minutes books, statutory registers and other support services

- Compliances relating to statutory meeting and statutory report

- Changing/alteration in the name of company

- Changing the Authorized Capital and paid up capital

- Issue / allotment of shares and related compliances

- Transfer of Shares from and between Indians, NRls and foreign persons

- Change of registered office within the same city, from one city to another and one state to another

- Compliances related to Change in the Constitution of Board of Directors of the Company including Appointment of Directors, Managing Directors, Alternate Directors, Executive Directors, Nominee directors, Constitution of Remuneration and Audit Committee and allied matters

- Compliances related to lnter corporate investments and loans

- Advising on creation, satisfaction and registration of charges

- Drafting of Director's Report, Corporate Governance Report, Annual Report

- Matters related to Investor Grievances

- Payment of dividend and related compliances. Change of management, take-over of management and related due diligence services

- Secretarial Compliance Audit, Company and Secretarial law issues relating to holding of meetings, maintenance filing of records, returns, corporate governance, ESOP, Buy

- Back of securities, 397 & 398 petitions and appearances, Take-over regulations and Insider Regulations

- Other Routine compliances under Companies Act, 1956 and rules, regulations, notifications, circulars issued there under

Legal and Procedural Compliance related to Securities Law

Compliance and services related to Listing of securities – equity and debt

Certification relating to the quarterly Secretarial Audit for reconciliation as required under notification issued by SEBI

Certification as required for transfer-cum-demat of Shares as required under the NSDL / CDSL Bye laws

Certification as required for completion of the transfers as required under Clause 47 of the Listing Agreement

Advising on all securities laws including Securities Contract Regulation Act, Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, Take Over Regulations, Insider Trading Regulations etc

Statutory Certification

Verification of declaration in form 19, 20 and 20A for compliances to commencement of business/es

Certification of annual return of listed companies

Certification of compliance of requirement under Schedule XIII of Companies Act

Issue of Compliance Certificate as to whether the company has complied with all the provisions of Companies Act 1956 for all types of companies including u/s 383A

Declaration for registration of Memorandum and Articles of Section 25 companies

Certification of extinguishments and physical destruction of share certificates bought back by company

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