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Sunil Bhatt

Sunil Bhatt


Chartered Accountant & a reputed Tax Consultant

Success Mantra

"Even if the destination or desired object be far away or difficult to achieve one can reach it or get it if one is determined. Nothing is impossible for a determined person."

Message as a Pioneer of BSA & Associates

“Right from inception up to prosperity , we help our clients to grow at every stage of their business and make the most of the growth opportunities present in Indian Market.”

BSA & Associates is the brain child of CA Sunil Bhatt and since his childhood, he was aspiring to contribute to the commercial world of India. Being a son of retired State Bank of India Branch Manager, he grew up watching and learning the financial world very closely. He always came across the phrase "Bank audits“ , which his father used during his tenure at State Bank of India. This was just the beginning of his urge to become a Chartered Accountant. By embarking on this prestigious journey of the Chartered accountancy course, his passion and drive towards excellence, he was successful in fulfilling his dream to contribute to the world of commerce and finance.

With his conviction and the character of Integrity, Objective, Independence, he formed BSA & Associates, in the city of Pune (India), which is known for its highest quality of education.

He believes in following principles and which is the motto of BSA & Associates.
1. Utmost Dedication
2. Utmost Attention

He has also worked for International Auditing firms, which helped him getting the exposure to International Markets, their ways of addressing the situation, the process, the procedures, etc. These experiences inspired to establish BSA & Associates. His storehouse of knowledge gained through working with these firms has helped BSA & Associates to stand out from the other auditing and taxation firms which is also confirmed by his existing clients.

He also holds the position as a Treasury of Lions Club of India.

Welcome to BSA & Associates, assuring you the utmost knowledge of Audit, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, etc.

Dipika Bhatt

Dipika Bhatt

Associate Partner

Company Secretary

Success Mantra

“No need of looking behind or forward. We want infinite energy, infinite zeal, infinite courage and infinite patience, then only will great things be achieved”

She comes from the Business Family and always closely watched the business and understood the importance of legal and secretariat compliances for a business entity. Here, she realised that timely compliances of law will help you in concentrating on the core business process.

She believes in the following principles:
1. Preparation is the foundation of success,
2. Massive Action and movement towards right direction will lead your path of success

She believes that the Secretary of your Business is the bridge between you, your business, Government and public at large including investors, creditors and business partners. It is the secretary who gives the assurance regarding legal compliance and protection of existence and perpetual succession of the business.

Dipika observed these characters in the Management and people working with BSA, and decided to work as Associate Partner to BSA & Associates.

BSA & Associates is a highly process and procedure oriented firm and comes with the conviction to deliver the best of services to its clients. Dipika always dreamed to work with people those aspire to work for knowledge, conviction and keep service before anything else.

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